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  • Hana
    Due to inactive work, the wrong posture appeared imperceptibly, there was pain in the cervical spine and knee joints. I went to the doctor with a diagnosis of osteochondrosis. I have been using Imosteon gel for more than two months. The inflammation passed and the unpleasant feelings passed. It became easier to walk and my back no longer hurts. I recommend that the gel helps.
  • Anna
    My husband and I are already old. Joint pain is normal for us. Mild osteoarthritis. We learned the Imosteon bride from our daughter. It is made entirely from plant extracts and has no side effects, he said. We tried it and liked it very much. Eliminates pain, swelling in the knee, soothes. We ordered two more. We are waiting for delivery. Thank you so much for my daughter!
  • Eva
    I immediately liked Imosteon gel for its natural composition. We often order a first aid kit in case of emergency. We have a big family. Two schoolchildren. We live with elderly parents. Now, if anything happens, I stain children's knees after abrasions to prevent inflammation. And parents use it if the joints hurt due to weather conditions.
  • Josef
    From a young age, I run three times a week in the morning and lead a healthy lifestyle. Recently, joint problems began. Anxiety appeared in his knees. And it gets stronger every day. Diagnosed with arthrosis. I have been using Imosteon gel for the third week. The pain is significantly reduced. I ordered two more gels. I will use.
  • Jan
    He was injured while skiing. He injured his knee and elbow. Unexplained pain appeared, edema occurred. Examination revealed inflammation of both joints. The doctor recommended Imosteon gel. I am immediately satisfied with the natural composition. I've been using it for two weeks already. The swelling has passed and I do not feel any pain. The gel clearly helps. I continue to use.
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